We believe healthcare reimbursement should be easy to understand for patients, doctors, employers, and healthcare administrators. From clear and simple price transparency and patient eligibility services to understanding the quantitative impacts of contract negotiation proposals and changing payment methodologies, MD Clarity’s software-as-a-service solution delivers cost-savings, increased patient satisfaction, and higher-performing insurance agreements.

“We believe healthcare reimbursement should be easy to understand for patients, doctors, employers, and healthcare administrators.”

We achieve this with a team that has a unique combination of extensive healthcare administration expertise as well as a track record of delivering innovative products that analyze massive amounts of clinical and billing data. Our team has driven massive cost savings and cashflow improvement for the largest hospital systems in the country as well as small physician groups.

At its core, the MD Clarity team is passionate about delivering software with an outstanding user experience that solve the real problems in healthcare, letting you focus on keeping patients happy and healthy.

Our Story

MD Clarity was founded in 2010, the same year the AMA reported that one in five medical claims were processed incorrectly by insurers. With the simple goal of helping healthcare providers systematically identify and appeal these claims, MD Clarity began building a price transparency solution.

Since then, MD Clarity has grown to provide powerful analytics tools, assist in contract negotiations, identify major payer processing issues, verify patient eligibility and benefits, and enable healthcare systems to quickly provide accurate quotes to their customers. With offices in Seattle, Miami, and Atlanta, MD Clarity has grown to serve a wide range of healthcare providers, from coast to coast across the United States.


At MD Clarity, we take information security and data privacy seriously. Our staff is routinely trained on HIPAA & HITECH compliance.We safeguard Protected Health Information within our secure data warehouse. Additionally, we understand that certain healthcare systems prefer to store their own data, so we maintain flexibility on how we integrate with data infrastructures to best serve the security needs of our customers. We currently manage, interact with, and serve data from healthcare organizations of all sizes from single-market, regional providers to nationwide networks of healthcare facilities. In all cases, data security is our top priority.