Clearly communicating prices gives you an advantage in securing relationships with patients and employers in your area.

We offer our customers a package of tools that enable nurses, doctors, front-office staff members, and medical record coders to quickly generate formatted, printable price estimates for any service across any contracted payer within seconds. This gives your healthcare system a competitive advantage while increasing customer satisfaction.

Patient Quote Tool

Consider that a prospective patient calls your health system and asks one of the following questions:

  • “What’s it going to cost me out-of-pocket to have knee arthroscopy?”
  • “How will my insurance plan cover a prenatal visit?”

With our Patient Quote Tool, your staff can quickly, accurately, and quantitatively answer these questions, giving you a competitive market advantage. Beyond this, your staff will be able to see who has asked for a quote but has not yet scheduled an appointment, giving you a targeted list of follow-ups.

Benefits Automation

Now you can instantly verify a patient’s insurance coverage as well as find key metrics including their co-insurance percentage, deductible, and max out-of-pocket amount. This effectively eliminates denials of claims due to expired insurance credentials while improving the accuracy of prices given to patients.

Data Filters

With the increased demand for understanding the value of Healthcare, MD Clarity’s platform aggregates public and provider-specific data sources to make it easy to share your relevant quality measures within a price quote, or generally with prospective patients or employers that are considering your organization for their Health services.

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