MD Clarity offers a subset of tools to help manage and improve your revenue cycle. These range from customized reports to analyses on charge amounts and insurance payments. By automatically computing results on a feed of your billing data, the heavy lifting is eliminated from in-depth analyses, bringing you to the quantitative, specific metrics you need.

Payment Engine

MD Clarity customers use our Payment Processing Tool to collect point-of-service payments from patients. This is especially useful when combined with our Patient Quote Tool, since you can accurately predict how much a patient will owe out-of-pocket, then collect the payment on the spot.

Payment Auditing

We integrate our claim calculation engine with a data feed from our customers’ databases. This allows us to simulate claim adjudications on thousands of accounts nightly, providing a steady flow of payment estimation data and reports that find incorrectly processed claims.

Charge Analysis

When the time comes for your healthcare organization to revisit its charge master, do away with labor-intensive, time-consuming data gathering and let MD Clarity’s automated analysis serve you with the relevant data you need to make sound financial decisions. Our Charge Analysis feature automatically analyzes charges for every service our customers provide to finds instances in which contracted payers are reducing their payments due to a low charge amount. This tool has consistently allowed our customers to increase revenues by holding insurance companies accountable to their contractual agreements but without increasing out-of-pocket costs for patients.

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